Reiki Sessions

(all times listed below are for the healing time. Please allow an extra 15-30 mins of conversation before or after the session)

Reiki Sessions (distant healing) 30-45 minutes $185

Travel Fee- Additional $25 within 5 miles of 90046 

Corporate Reiki Circles—45 minutes (Inquire about pricing)

In these distance sessions via telephone, Janina connects into your energy field and with the help of your own soul and divine guides, assists you in releasing any old energy no longer serving your highest good. 

She sets the intention for you to receive what you need in that moment on all levels; spiritually , physically , energetically or emotionally.


Reiki for Pets

Reiki for pets is the same as Reiki for humans. It's energy healing to help them let go of old energy that’s no longer serving them,  and fill them with loving, healing energy to offer them what they need in that moment on all levels.

 This can be an amazing healing modality for animals to thrive. Most animals are incredibly receptive to this healing energy. It helps greatly with anxiety, past trauma, health issues & overall well being. 

30 min Animal Reiki $125

(Same price whether this is done in person or remotely)                                            

Travel Fee- Additional $25 within 5 miles of 90046 


Animal Communication Course 

Would you like to learn the art of communicating with animals? 

During animal communication you learn to tap into the animal's energy and communicate telepathically. You can ask the animal it's needs and wants in a simple yet profound way. It's an amazing way to heal animal/owner relationships and give your pet what they actually desire. Janina loves sharing what she knows with you. You'll leave knowing exactly what she does and how she does it. You'll learn your own specific way to communicate and have plenty of time for practice! She offers these courses as group sessions in the Los Angeles area. Check for schedules or simply join her mailing list by clicking the tab on the homepage. 

Group workshop  4hr training in LA area $295



Pilates has many benefits, from a core burning workout, strengthening the smaller muscles in your body, stretching, toning, breath stabitlity & balance to name a few. Suitable for most people, also great for rehabilitation. 

Highly recommend privates sessions for a first timer, to learn about the machine & to see the full potential of this workout. Anyone who has specific needs, needs more attention to form and likes to go at their own pace.

Janina can set up and coordinate private pilates reformer sessions at a West Hollywood studio. 

Pilates Reformer 50mins $125 


Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils can replace your entire medicine cabinet.

Cleaning supplies, room sprays, candles... you name it! 

They are the healing ally that mother nature has given us. They are powerful. Janina can schedule a phone call about your health concerns or wishes in life and put together an oil blend for you (and or your pet) that best suits your needs. The 15 min consultation is free. You will  pay for the cost of the oil blend and shipping if picking up isn't an option. 


Starting at $30.00 + shipping.