Balance Reform, your mind body and spirit. 

In a hectic world, busy lifestyles, demanding jobs and countless other distractions its safe to say most of us feel a little out of touch, off-balance, unfocused, stressed, anxious or maybe we just don't do enough for ourselves.

Regardless of where you find yourself, maybe you're craving a change, a new community of like-minded individuals, whilst combining a mind-body connection with yourself and others.

At Balance Reform we want to create and hold space in our boutique pilates studio, to work out or unwind by offering group sessions and privates for both Reformer pilates as well as energy and sound healing. 


We are sharing the desire to live with purpose and create positive change for not only us and our planet, but for the benefit of all beings.  

We believe in energy and how it is a ripple effect, so if you can find balance within whilst on our retreat, you'll come back and only have a positive effect on everyone else in your life.


Join us on one of our retreats and experience the power of balance by combining movement, energy healing and invaluable connections with others and within yourself.