Monica Loren grew up in Los Angeles and was raised by Buddhist parents. This created a space for an open mind and heart from the beginning. Alternative thinking and the Healing Arts have been a normal part of her upbringing.

She took Kundalini Yoga as her P.E. course in High School and later obtained her certification as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2007 at the world-renowned Golden Bridge Yoga Studio in Los Angeles. She is a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner from The Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing and has had an alternative therapy practice since 2008. She is also a Certified Conversational Hypnotherapy Practitioner from the Sussex Hypnotherapy Center. She has studied from acclaimed coaching schools, Coaching Training Institute and The School of Coaching Mastery.  She has also trained with Non-Dual (Advaita) teachers such as Francis Lucille and Wayne Liquorman. Her influences are from the works of Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks and Eckhart Tolle to name a few.

Her therapy works involves helping people to heal and uncover unconscious blocks, feelings, thoughts, emotions and energy with talk-therapy, breathwork, meditation and bodywork. Her goal is to help people re-connect with who they really are, reach their full potential and create the life they have always dreamed of. 

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Instagram - @monicaloren