Julia grew up in Ohio where she attended Kent State University studying Fashion Merchandising and International Business. After graduating, she was presented with an amazing opportunity to model with various agencies and travel the world — conflicted with entering the corporate world vs working for herself and traveling, she chose the latter. Modeling took her to many different cities and countries and most recently landed her here in Los Angeles with her now fiancé.


Julia knew from a young age that she loved moving her body and by the age of 3 years old her parents put her in dance classes. She danced up until her late teen years before she went to college and it was around that time where she started exploring different forms of movement. 


She fell in love with Pilates in a small NYC studio. She noticed it was gentle on the body , rehabilitating, and offered a sort of meditative experience all while getting an amazing workout. After her first class, she became aware that she was standing taller and had more confidence — she was hooked!


Julia decided to delve deep into her Pilates practice this past year and has been studying to get her 450hr certification through a Ron Fletcher 2nd generation studio. Her hope is to ignite the same spark of curiosity and excitement in her students that she had when she first discovered Pilates. She wants everyone to feel comfortable and at peace with their bodies, to work with it rather than working against it. Her holistic approach to pilates will make you feel more in tune with your own body. 



Fun fact: 


Julia walks for WAG on her downtime. As an avid animal lover who doesn’t spend enough time in one city at a time to get a pup of her own, she decided to get her daily dose of dogs by walking ones in need. Oh, and she had a pet goat growing up. She also has an obsession with Thai veggie spring rolls… but that’s for another conversation.


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