Chef Smitty aka Dennis Lewis 

Was born and raised and Los Angeles

 (south central) his mother’s side is Mexican / Creole & his Fathers side is African American. 

American, Mexican and Soul food were part of his everyday life. Watching the women in his household cook not only taught, but inspired him to do it himself. 

After years of cooking at home, family functions, BBQ etc he and his partner Janina decided to change their diets to something more healthy, but still delicious. (Motivations although personal choices were improving health, animal love and welfare and environmental benefits) 

The progression went from Pescatarian, vegetarian and eventually full Vegan.


Having never felt better physically and energetically, eating out sometimes proved to not be as satisfying as expected, with fewer or simply bland options, yes even in LA!

So Dennis finally decided to get some official schooling at culinary arts with the mission to learn how to make vegan food have flavor and replace our old go-to family favorite recipes (Mac n cheese, tacos, burgers etc) but with a vegan spin! 

He definitely went through some teasing from friends and family, but ironically has helped in naturally and gradually transitioning multiple people on to plant based diets, or incorporating them more into their daily and weekly routines. 


Fun facts 

Dennis was a successful model featured in Vogue and major runways shows along with big campaigns. He also worked as a personal assistant to a few athletes. 

He’s a Capricorn, with a generous heart and loves to make people happy, mostly with his food! And as they say “food is the gateway to ones soul” 

He Also spent many years working in the weed industry, Ns often referred to As a Cannabis Connoisseur! 

(if interested CBD -  oil can be incorporated in our meals, lattes or cocktails) find out more follow his Instagram @chefd.lewis